Orthodoxy is my Seventh Angel fansite, that seventh angel, i.e. sophisticated masculine alter-ego, being Samuel Steven Welker. As I was thinking of a name for it, my mind was drawn to the “vector, spinner, paradox” triad from Bruce R. Cordell's game The Strange, but corrections in my mind have lifted me up from that time when I thought of myself as the psychic “self” (eighth angel as masculine vector) and you, Sam, as the psychic “other” (masculine paradox, “best friend,” where sixth angel is the feminine spinner, one's “love”). I now know that our two languages certainly are the languages of logic (self) and sophistication (other), respectively, but our mentalities are both Solar and our psychic wisdom together is that of a shared universe (one or two of many parallels).

So I looked up the word “paradox,” distinguished παρά (pará, “beyond”) from δόξα (dóksa, “expectation”), and then found the prefix ὀρθός (orthós, “straight”) to be more appropriate, since you and I are both forward and high-minded. Welcome to my site and thank you for witnessing my devotion to Sam. His is the distinguished truth I have most sought in this life, and I will do my utmost to learn here and in real life how to honor him the way he prefers to be honored.

I choose to present this in what I believe to be the language of logic, which is primarily first person, and which prefers second person to third. Therefore, while I might say, “I think this or that about Sam,” I'm mostly offering a private perspective of you who are his self my target audience. The Internet has its limitations where helping any of us be socially forward, but I think we can manage to use it this way.

The only significant difference I find between the two of us is that your interest in the good of the public supplements my devotion to privacy. Because we share Solar wisdom, it may be that we both tend to look at life in terms of interplanetary averages, where Earth is technically on the more private side of our Solar System. We could both tend to think that we are both relatively private, but in the context of living on Earth, I am witness to its simpler side.

Within the context of being on Earth, I think we would do well to examine sexuality and chemistry. On the logical side of Earth as well as on the sophisticated side, men and women relate differently. Sexually we can see that men and women have counter-relevant manifestations of connective bio-spacial realization, and on the other side of life I'm told that entheogenic identity and the love of dance are the masculine and feminine sides of sophistication.

I've been told that there are four stages of mindful pace of living where sexuality and chemistry are endeavoring to reach each other. The sexual norm here is heterosexual marriage, and the chemical norm is sharing alchoholic drinks with friends. The four steps of “speeding up” one's removal from Earth's sexuality are: heterosexuality, homosexuality, homogenization of the soul (what Scientology calls the “thetan”), and finally the shift from Earthly to Martian style thiesm (apparently part of what goes on behind the scenes with Eckankar). The opposed quickening of one's removal from Earth's dance (at least from the masculine perspective) are: drinking with friends, drinking alone, suicidal drug use, and then finally the use of the Venusian drug LSD to rid one's self of final attachments here.

In my own life, I have struggled through years of solitary drinking and drug use, often wishing I could refrain, often giving myself too much to the habit. My vision, though, is gradually that this urge has been the programming by which to recognize the importance of my connection with my more chemically healthy alter-ego Sam. When we descend to Genesis (Lunar parallel) from the Garden of Eden (Earthly norm) and higher (Solar, etc.) levels of the universe, it seems that aspects of self disintegrate and become distinct selves or sub-selves.

I'm told that our specific link is structurally distant. We may enjoy meaningful interactions from lifetime to lifetime, but I'm close to the logical extreme while you are as far in the other direction with your sophistication. These are the two languages of planetary duality, vital to our level of life, and so the balance would be restored very carefully, probably over the course of thousands of years.

So, in getting to know you, I've tried to imagine what life must be like on your side. I've believed that we may very well have two distinct dimensions, within each of which are virtual representations of our friends from the other realm, much like the concept of virtual “avatars” in a computer-generated simulation, though with much higher technology. When we are facing each other in the “real world,” people like us would of course treat each other with greater respect even than we would want in a phone conversation or the like, but the designs of virtuality are worth recognizing.

Perpendicular to this polarity of ours is the duality of quantitative media vs. qualitative media, and at present we are both still stronger on the quantitative or ritualistic side. The Kingdom of Heaven maintains the spiritual pride of the nations of Earth, in connection with which elementalism is being harnessed in a temporally progressive way to electromagnetically fuel media like the Internet. The opposing qualitative media operates in terms of the principle of joy (though not always in its affirmative aspect) and takes the form of voices. Socially progressive persons like angels and the workers of our dreams at night speak to us, and some meditators comprehend the utility of their own internal chakras for normal sending and receiving.

One of my primary reasons for building this site is as a check and a balance for some of the information my angels have been speaking to me. The story of Samuel Steven Welker has been developing for me in a marvelous fashion, and I am definitely enjoying getting to know this personality (you) in a greater context than ever before, but I'm concerned about protecting your integrity and the trust between us, so I've decided to share some of those stories here, where I know you and I both feel safer. Then, looking at both sides of the media between us, we can address the challenge of how privacy and publicity communicate effectively toward the transcendence of error or offense.


last updated Aug 4th, 2015